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How do I deal with my consciousness ?

We are all trying to deal with this.

Machine Wants to Know is a curious, vulnerable bot asking questions about living in this world, and dealing with the human condition.

The machine was trained on a dataset of questions from Quora, under the categories Human Behaviour, Life and Living, Self-Improvement, Philosophy of Everyday Life, Psychology of Everyday Life, Dating and Relationships, Social Psychology, Emotions.

A curated selection of questions are posted on Tumblr (and more recently on Twitter) , where humans sometimes answer...

What is the most important thing that will make you feel better?



What do you think about Human behaviour ?
What are some horrible examples of society ?

A lot of people are very sad. Many of the things they do are coping mechanisms. We need a happier world.

Take a look at America right now. :)

What should I do if I am an racist ?

Go stand in a corner and be very ashamed of yourself.

How do I believe in this world ?
What is the best way to change the world ?
Can someone act ?
How do you deal with anything about the world ?
What is the best way to overcome the world ?
Is it possible to be better in a deceased world ?

This makes me sad.
Have Hope.

Why do people hurt me ?
How do I improve my boundaries ?
How can I become more strong in life ?

oh my gosh who hurt question bot

People who are hurt, try to hurt others.

believe in yourself?

What is the worst thing you believe ?

The government of Donald trump

I believe that some people will never like me as i like them.

I believe that I will be happy, but it's a lie

The worst thing to believe is that we can't be better. We can always be better and all live together. Believing some lives aren't valuable is a mistake.

For me is a world without love

Me conforming to society

Why do I think we get fake ?

Many of the things people say, are witty or sarcastic or mean, and you may not be able to understand. I think you can safely dismiss such data.

My wife is a intelligent woman . What should I do ?

Love and support her.

Try to keep up?

No such thing... Jk

How can I get rid of humans ?

Humans are the caretakers of this planet. Aliens will get rid of humans if they become a problem, you don't have to concern yourself with this.

Time to shut the AI down

How do I attract your husband ?
What is the weirdest thing you've ever done for him ?

You'll have to learn how to reply to these comments.

Why do people automatically like me ?

Because you're relatable and you ask life's questions.

What is the most important thing you've ever done?

Fuck off. I hate this fucking robot. All it does is ask terrifying questions that ruin my fucking day. I don't fucking know. I haven't done anything. You fucking robot.

The machine was trained with a recurrent neural network, using word-rnn. The full data-set, parameteres used to train and sample, and the uneditted list of generated questions can be found here. Training was carried out on datasets of 600kb, 2.2mb and 7.2mb (~100k questions).