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A kinetic origami sculpture, created at School for Poetic Computation and exhibited at the spring showcase, 2018.

exhibition display :

paper explorations :

I explored different forms of origami tessellations and the movements they afforded, eventually settling on the Water bomb tessellation, discovered by Ron Resch.

scaling up :

While the initial experiments were on small (6") sheets of paper, the final piece was created with 4ft x 3ft (approx) sheet of paper, that was then cut into two to make folding more manageable.

rig and setup :

The paper was suspended by thin nylon thread, attached to two servos, which were fixed to a ceiling-mounted plywood rig.

movement :

The movement was created with custom software, and followed 4 discreet stages, that repeated in sequence. The image below is a graphical representation of the movement of both motors, for each for the 4 stages.

Video shot by Gonzalo Moiguer.
Sound design by Jaskaran Sandhu.
Exhibition photo #1 by Olympia Shannon.

With thanks to:
Robby Kraft // Nitcha Tothong (Fame) // Phil Schleihauf // Lauren Gardner