in:verse is a customizable (esoteric) programming language for creating visuals (shaders), by writing poetry, in a live-coding web interface. It was accessioned into Rhizome's ArtBase archive in 2021, and has been written about in and hyperallergic by Daniel Temkin.

Hear a Harlem Choir Rejoice Again (New York Times) features an immersive 3D experience of the Bethel Gospel Assembly church, rendered on the web with three.js. Recipient of the Newswomen's Club of New York Front Page Award for Best online feature, and the NPPA award for Innovation.

three-story-controls (New York Times R&D) is an open-source library for creating interactive 3D stories on the web, by providing a toolkit for three.js camera control.

Cuttlebase is a web-based scientific toolkit for the dwarf cuttlefish, and a component of Tessa Montague's research at Columbia University. Designed by Dana Elkis and built with React, react-three-fibre, and three.js.

The Third AI is a series of experiments in using ML/AI generated media as a tool for creative idea-generation, based on material from the show Killing Eve. A part of Synthetic Media, a collaboration between AMC Networks, NYC Media Lab, and ITP.

Chinatown, Resilient and Proud (New York Times) features an immersive 3D walk-through of Doyers street (NYC), rendered on the web with three.js.

An End-to-End guide to Photogrammetry with Mobile Devices (New York Times R&D) features demos rendering photogrammetry models on the web with model-viewer, sketchfab API and three.js.

Dear Bot is a curation of questions and answers with a curious, vulnerable bot, about living in the world and dealing with the human condition. The bot was trained using GPT-2, with data from selected categories on Quora.

Feelings is the 7th issue of Adjacent, an online journal of emerging media. The theme (or more specifically, the squishy blob) was built with three.js and GLSL.

Liquid Router is a physical router that shows you when your data leaks to third-parties while browsing the internet. A collaboration with Nick Gregg. Exhibited at Radical Networks in 2019.

Side Effects is a text-based data visualization about drugs and their side-effects. Free Trial Offer is a generative audio piece about similar things.

Merry Go Sound is a playful, physical, music-making sequencer.

Untitled is a kinetic origami sculpture built at the School for Poetic Computation.